Philips Xitanium Lite Programmable LED drivers are value engineered to deliver a carefully selected feature set and high-end performance,
making it a preferred choice for many outdoor applications. The portfolio offers high flexibility with a customizable operating window,
enabling differentiation in LED lighting designs via system tuning and being prepared for LED efficacy upgrades.
In this product family Philips introduces new drivers in a stretched form factor with a balanced feature set, which offer high value for both
OEM customers and end-users. The products can replace the existing programmable outdoor LED drivers and will bring significant
improvement in programming, assembly into a luminaire and electrical performance. One of the key features is SimpleSet®, an easy and fast
way to configure the driver without the need to power the driver.
• Ultimate robustness, offering peace of
mind and lower maintenance costs
• Long lifetime and high survival rate
• Energy savings through high efficiency
• Balanced configurable feature set
covering the most common
• Superior thermal management
• Consistent waterproof performance
through the lifecycle
• Easy to design-in, configure and install
for Class I applications
• SimpleSet®, wireless configuration interface
• High surge protection
• Long lifetime and robust protection against moisture,
vibration and temperature
• Configurable operating windows(AOC)
• External control interface (1-10V) available
• Digital Configuration Interface (DCI) via MultiOne
• Autonomous or Fixed time based (FTBD) dimming via
integrated 5-step DynaDimmer
• Programmable Constant Light Output (CLO)
• Integrated Driver Temperature protection
• Residential areas
• Road and street lighting
• Area and flood lighting
• Tunnel lighting
• High-bay lighting